The Smart Way To Start Your Business

(Using 5 Step Business Start® System!)

I have personally worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the last 25 years. The 5 Step Business Start would have been recommended to each of them.

Cathy McClelland
Founder, Detroit Entrepreneurship Institute

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Cathy McClelland “Founder, Detroit Entrepreneurship Institute”

    5 Step Business Start® is highly suggested reading for anyone considering the path to business ownership.

  • avatar Teresa Deas Founder Teresa's Flower Emporium

    Written in a light conversational style. 5 Step helped me focus on what was important and see the possibilites for my business.

  • avatar Gaylord Neal - Author, Small Business Coach, Growth Strategist, Speaker, Sales Trainer CEO, HD Business Development, LLC

    Earl, this is excellent. I would be willing to share this with every new entrepreneur I meet.

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So What's 5 Step Business Start® About?

Watch The Video Below To Find Out.

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4 Important Tips You'll Learn

  1. You want to start a business but you're not sure how or what to do first. 5 STEP BUSINESS START® is written for you. Maybe you are intimidated by the thought of writing a business plan. If that is the case, you're about to learn an easy and practical solution to planning your business.
  2. How to avoid the costly mistakes that kill most businesses and cause them to fail, shortly after the doors are open.
  3. Is Business Ownership For You? Owning your own business definitely has its rewards, but before you start we show you what to assess before you launch.
  4. How to choose the right business for you! You'll learn 5 critical questions you must ask yourself before you start a business venture.

About The Author

Earl Boyd is the Director of Entrepreneur Services at Entrepreneur Works. In that role I equip entrepreneurs with the skills to start a business, operate an existing business better or develop growth strategies for an existing business. My work at Entrepreneur Works includes serving as business consultant at Macy's Fashion Incubator where I advise new fashion designers on launching their businesses; and business consultant for Impact Hub Philadelphia Pitch and Brew sessions. In those sessions business entrepreneurs present their business challenges and I facilitate the process to provide them solutions.

An entrepreneur once characterized me as the “wise uncle” that knows a lot about everything. She said, “Talking with him (Earl Boyd) is like talking with a family member or trusted friend about what to do with my business idea, how do I make money and how do I make an impact. He's the person you go to when you don't know what to do (in business) and then he makes you believe that whatever it is you want to do, it's possible.”

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